POS Systems in Pharmacy for 2022

A point-of-sale system is an essential component of your pharmacy as it is in charge of the day-to-day management of sales and inventory. So, the best POS system should be simple, cost-effective, and reliable for managing sales and in-person transactions.  

The best POS solution for your pharmacy provides a user-friendly experience for staff enabling transactions to be completed fast.  

Why does your pharmacy need pharmacy-specific point-of-sale? 

The days of pharmacists calculating sales with a pen and paper are long gone. These traditional accounting methods are no longer effective in today’s highly competitive and advanced market. 

So, how do you know which one is best for you? 

Today, there are solutions that all pharmacies can use to optimize every product and service they provide. A POS system for pharmacies. is a platform that can effectively manage your pharmacy stock, improve service, and increase profits. 

Here are three POS systems in Australia that may help you improve your workplace productivity and keep your customers satisfied.


Fred POS Plus is the next-generation retail pharmacy solution, designed to meet the changing business environment. 

This point-of-sale system can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your small or midsize pharmacy, with customizable features and tools for the modern pharmacy environment. 

FRED POS is known for its modern features.  

  1. Hot Keys – Customizable task pads enable you to create your own color-coded Hot Keys for all of your pharmacy’s POS functions, including discount keys. 
  2. Discount Warning – The new Discount Warning feature notifies the user if a discounted price falls below a predefined threshold. 
  3. Loyalty and Hire – New modules are now available for creating and customizing loyalty programs, as well as managing and reporting on your hire items. 


MINFOS POS is an all-in-one management software. 

Its features include: 

  1. Touch-screen cash register with scripts waiting and the ability to update 
  2. Medicare information, PBS Online rejection notifications, product status displays, customer account warnings, and other features are available. 
  3. Ordering and stocktaking with wireless scanner integration 
  4. Live database with real-time stock-on-hand (SOH) and instant sales and price changes. 
  5. Loyalty and multiple purchases 
  6. A different product comparison.


LOTS POS system helps you access accounts, receipts, price checks, Over-the-Counter item details, orders, inventory, and more from any machine at any time.  

Its features include: 

  1. Supplier integration – allows you to connect with your suppliers directly from your POS software. 
  2. Barcode versatility – scan an unlimited number of barcodes for each product. 
  3. Cash security can be improved by performing cash lifts triggered by preset till limits, and till skimming can be eliminated with ‘blind’ reconciliation. 
  4. Multi-buys, companion sales, and bonus buys can all be easily managed with promotions. 
  5. Data analysis entails analyzing your retail business’s performance using historical sales data to forecast future orders accurately. 
  6. Reporting – Generate stock valuation reports based on physical location within the store, allowing for quick identification of stock. 
  7. Customer loyalty entails providing your customers with flexible loyalty club options such as gift cards and free gifts. 
  8. Manage staff time by scheduling tasks or reminders and leaving messages for automatic notifications. 


A pharmacy POS is a critical tool for ensuring that your pharmacy remains successful and functional as possible. Shopfront Solutions integrates with these three commonly used POS solutions. Contact us today, and we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your specific business needs!