Increase the visibility of your products by 80%

I often wonder if the thriving online world has meant the death of bricks and mortar stores. To some extent, yes! But not entirely. And if you are someone who still runs one/many such store/s, this blog discusses how you can increase product visibility by a whopping 80%.

The modern customer 

Ideally, when customers step into your store, they want to make a purchase. After all, they got out of their homes and got to your store. If nothing else, they are considering buying something from your store. But, there’s a big BUT.

Customers these days have a lower attention span. Ads and promotional campaigns are everywhere. And everyone’s basically immune to a lot of these promotions. 

No wonder customer engagement is so difficult to achieve.

What is customer engagement?

Customer engagement is the connection between the customer and the brand. We’ll leave the different channels used for customer engagement and focus solely on retail—we want to help a store owner, after all.

Why do you need customer engagement?

Customers are the bread and butter for every business—no customer, no bread, no butter! 

Attracting and maintaining the customer base is the key to ensuring the success of your retail business. In the wake of increasing online engagement, this has become all the more important because:

  1. Customers spend less time in-store
  2. Customer loyalty is up for grabs
  3. Customers want end-to-end entertainment and satisfaction 

How to increase in-store customer engagement?

As a shop owner, you need to increase in-store customer engagement. And here’s how you do it:

  1. Make store navigation easy for customers
  2. Offer in-store experiences to customers
  3. Design a loyalty program
  4. Interact with the customers
  5. Market through mobile 
  6. Increase product visibility by using tickets

Increase product visibility by using tickets

Remember that your competition is tough. There is the e-commerce market that is going strong, and access to smartphones means that your consumers can research and buy products online. 

Your store must increase product visibility. 83% of the information that our brain processes come through our sense of sight. Using tickets can help you do just that! 

This fact is further emphasized by Phillip Adcock who cited that in today’s modern supermarket, shoppers are confronted with a different offer every ½ second, yet will buy only 1 out of 500 products available in-store. To increase these odds, products must be made more appealing and engaging when on the shelf. The right colour, for instance, can increase product stand-out by 80%, whereas product appearance improves engagement by a whopping 323%.

Ticketing is a great way for retailers to interact with customers. From the ease of tracking inventory to managing loyalty to creating a seamless shopping experience, it does serve quite a few purposes. When it comes to increasing your store’s profits, adequate shelf-edge ticketing is very important.  

Here’s how one can ace the ticketing game:

  1. Display clear pricing and promotions, including any applicable VAT and other currencies 
  2. Include product descriptions and customer feedback
  3. Ensure that your online and in-store prices and promotional offers do not conflict
  4. Use the right colours and font to be consistent with your brand image.
  5. Use appropriate imagery

This might seem like many factors to consider while you are already busy running your retail business as is. This is where Shopfront Solutions can help! 

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